Veteran owned and operated


sunrise valley rv park

Adventure Tourism Destination

SINCE 1989
P.O. Box 345 US Highway 95    Mina, Nevada 89422
(775) 573-2214

Open  MARCH 14.  thru OCTOBER 25


Things to do in the area:

  • Search for mineral specimens. Rock maps available in RV office.
  • Visit the Ichthyosaur State Park.
  • Burros & Big Horn Sheep area.
  • Photograph Wildlife and Mine Sites.
  • Visit old towns Berlin & Marietta
  • ATV and Roads and Trails. There are numerous roads leading to a number of old mining sites. They may be accessed by riding your ATV from your campsite in the RV Park.

    Visit Google Earth for terrain viewing of RV Park and surrounding area.

    ATV Area Maps Are Available
    (click here for more map info




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Sunrise Valley RV park.

Since 1989

Campground delightfully hosted by
Chuck Frost & Wendy Page